Statement of Guiding Principles

To promote Christian values and enhance living conditions for individuals in under-developed countries, through avenues such as, but not limited to; Education, Vocational Training, Marketplace Ministry, and referrals to Micro Credit programs

Pillars of World Wide Life




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Founded by Brian and Karen Shaben

Karen Shaben, Founding Director, President

Brian Shaben, Founding Director, Vice-President, and Treasurer

Linda Soles, Founding Director, and Secretary

Heidi Durling, Director

Steven Cowie, Director

Jim and Kristen Budd, Pastoral Advisors

Gary Soles, Founding Director, and Advisor

Mark Durling, Advisor to Board

Jeannie Paparella, Advisor to Board

Nancy Tucker, Advisor to Board

  •  BC Societies, S-0064045
  • Canadain Registered Charity, 818767162RR0001
  • USA 501c3 Compliant through Friends of the Great Commission
  • Members of the Christian Outreach Centre/Haven Foundation Thailand.
  • Members of Ignite the Nations International- North America and Asia PR  www.ignitenationsintl.org
  • Rev. Brian Shaben and Rev. Karen Shaben are members of CMA. Christian Minister’s Association of Canada
  • canadacma.org




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Brian and Karen


Brian and Karen

Have always had a heart for service and have always believed in giving back to their communities. Over the last 25 years, they have supported and volunteered with many organizations both at home and in Asia. They have volunteered with and supported churches, charities, non-profit and community support organizations, as volunteers, supporters and board members, notable organizations include Victim Services in Alberta for seven years and Rotary International, serving with Rotary in Kamloops British Columbia for many years. Brian and Karen have actively worked in “hands-on” humanitarian outreach projects in South East Asia for many years,serving in Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand. Since 2015 their projects have been focused on aiding the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand.

  • “One of our early experiences was running a Children’s home at El Shaddai Children’s Home, in Sri Racha, Thailand. We took over the care of this home for a month, working with children whose ages ranged from 4-18 years old. We like to call this experience our “Baptism by Fire” into the mission field. We encountered some very challenging situations, yet at the same time, discovered the amazing potential of these kids. That was it, we were changed, and it became clear to us, the true call of our lives. In Brian’s words “We were hooked”. We returned to South East Asia regularly over the next several years, and every time, we left a piece of our hearts behind. As much as we will always love our home and native land, we knew we must listen to the truth in our hearts, and sacrifice that comfortable lifestyle to spend more time in Asia. We must do all we can do to help the most vulnerable youth of Thailand reach that amazing potential that lies within.”

By late 2014, Brian and Karen knew it was time to transition to a new season. In early 2015 they founded World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society and that fall, they left behind their comfortable lifestyle and full-time careers to embrace a new adventure! In March of 2020, Brian and Karen were invited to join Ignite the Nations International, and have been blessed and honoured to be united with like-minded ministries with a heart for the nations.

How you help!

YOU HELP : promote our faith, train and care for marginalized people, operate a family-style care home, coordinate projects and minor repairs to improve living conditions, teach ESL, by doing so combatting human trafficking breaking the extreme poverty cycle of at-risk peoples.

YOU HELP : youth at risk of sexual exploitation, poor Children’s Homes, schools and villages lacking resources, marginalized families and individuals living in extreme poverty.

WHERE YOU HELP: Northern Thailand, our family-style care home, hospitals, villages, schools and churches

IT’S BECAUSE OF YOU : It is only through the continued support of kind and generous donors like you that we can make a difference.You are the only source of support for World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society. THANK YOU!

Brian and Karen