Our vision is to coordinate projects of benevolent work, helping children, youth, orphans and poor families in Thailand, particularly those from remote Hill Tribes with limited access to resources. We oversee project-based work to provide entrepreneurial, educational, foster care, and other opportunities to improve living conditions wherever possible.

By providing an education and opportunities for these young people, it enables them to earn a better living and dramatically change their lives, breaking the poverty cycle and combatting the risks of sexual exploitation.

We are committed to fulfilling this vision by;

  • Supporting community development in Northern Thailand through foster care programs, educational development, both academic and vocational, remote village and school outreaches, living standards improvements, life-skills training, ESL Programs, providing  opportunities to be self-sufficient and successful, especially with the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community
  • Exposing teams or individuals to the culture and the reality of life in Northern Thailand, and providing opportunities for those interested to visit and work with us, on hands-on improvement projects, and Vocational Training projects, to see first hand, the difference they can make in a young person’s future.
  • Provide support and development of Faith-based training and education in all areas of business and community leadership.

As our vision grows, our projects expand and our ministry morphs the vision just keeps getting BIGGER, it’s bigger than all of us and that’s where you come in. We have learned that the Bigger the Vision, the Bigger the Blessings. Does your heart speak to you to help these at-risk peoples? If so, go to our “What can you do” page and see how you can invest financially to help us transform lives.




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