Hi Friends

It is hard to believe we have been in Thailand now for almost 6 months. There have been many challenges but at the same time it has been absolutely rewarding. We are starting to see the results of our efforts here and that makes it all worthwhile.When we arrived at Hope Kids Home many of the girls were tentative and shy about learning English. Now it is a different story, they say Good Morning Karen and Brian before we even get the chance to say a word. Many of them actually say I like now instead of Me like. We practiced conversational English with them every day and extra English class 5 days per week, helped them with homework and worshiped with them. We have done so many fun activities , baking, cooking, crafts, games and started improving surroundings for these girls by repainting the outside fence and their dorm rooms and bathrooms.  We also started a special meal for the girls one day per week. We have started an outreach into the local community by approaching the local Akha Hill Tribe Boarding School, where we are assisting with the English program there. The resources are extremely limited and our help is very much needed there. A BIG THANK YOU to those of you who have helped make this happen by financially supporting us.


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