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What do others have to say about World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society?


“We really valued and enjoyed our time with Brian and Karen. The family of girls was a fantastic experience. The girls spoke to us in English and were proud to show us where they share responsibilities and live as a family. They pray, clean, cook, study, sing, play games. They live as a family. There is so much love and respect in their household. It has been taught from the heart by Brian and Karen. This experience, for us, was humbling for sure. Brian is one of the kindest and funniest men I have ever met. Karen is determined to make a life full of choices and opportunities for these girls with lots of love. The devotion to their cause is staggering. So gentle, persistent, and patient with the hurdles of making positive changes in a foreign country. The need of the people is grand. Thank you Brian and Karen so very much for opening your door and sharing a piece of what you do to enrich these girls’ lives. The ripple effect continues as you educate those of us who support and those in need. Muah!Much love to you and the family.” (FERN)