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As important as your prayers, encouragement and financial giving are, giving of yourself is also a great blessing! We invite you to come and visit us!

We have personally experienced the value of cross-cultural humanitarian trips and how it positively affects the people being served, as well as the people who come to serve others. We are living proof of this life-changing experience. When we are stretched beyond our personal comfort zone and minister to other people our life perspective changes and our vision grows. After all vision for the future is a blessing, without which the people perish!  We’d love for you to experience keeping this vision alive and share with you the opportunity to come together as volunteers and help with various projects. Whether you are a church, community, or school group, friends or family, we are happy to accommodate those who are interested in getting involved in a life-changing experience, whether it’s rolling up your sleeves and assisting with improvement projects, teaching English, or offering your skillset to host training workshops or conferences.


“The girls spoke to us in English and were proud to show us where they share responsibilities and live as a family. They pray, clean, cook, study, sing, play games. They live as a family. There is so much love and respect in their household. It has been taught from the heart by Brian and Karen. This experience, for us, was humbling for sure. Brian is one of the kindest and funniest men I have ever met. Karen is determined to make a life full of choices and opportunities for these girls with lots of love. The devotion to their cause is staggering. So gentle, persistent, and patient with the hurdles of making positive changes in a foreign country. The need of the people is grand. Thank you Brian and Karen so very much for opening your door and sharing a piece of what you do to enrich these girls’ lives. The ripple effect continues as you educate those of us who support and those in need. Muah! Much love to you and the family.” (Fern)

Brian and Karen are wonderful parents to these young girls. They have taught them everything from reading and writing in English, to favourite recipes, and financial knowledge. They have taught them to find a career they enjoy and create a purposeful successful life for themselves once they leave home. Brian and Karen have encouraged the girls throughout the years to develop self-confidence and to know their self-worth. They have shown the girls to believe in the Lord and that he will not steer them wrong in their future endeavours. My time with the girls was a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable experience. Even two years later, I try and stay in contact with Rosie, Thip, Bubo, Mercy, Olivia, Grace, Brian, and Karen through Skype calls as I love watching them grow so much. We have truly bonded and they will forever be my sisters (as I don’t have any of my own). I loved seeing them grow and learn with new experiences, especially teaching and showing them interesting things about Northern Alberta! (Mikayla)

“A couple of summers ago I had the opportunity to take a short-term missions team to serve with Brian and Karen of Humanitarian Partnership Society of Chiang Rai Thailand. Having worked in the past to host short-term missionaries in Ukraine I know how difficult it is but our experience working alongside Karen and Brian was amazing. But the greatest blessing was watching what they do everyday boots on the ground in this region of Thailand; God uses them daily to share His love with the people of Thailand.” (Dan Sczebel missionary to Ukraine.)

“We had the opportunity to meet Brian and Karen and their wonderful girls a couple of years ago. Was so uplifting and inspiring learning and watching what they have done to help support and shape these girls’ lives and be a positive impact on so many other young children. Coming from our little bubble in Canada, we had no idea the challenges that the children/teenagers face in Southeast Asia, especially the hardships for females. It was hard to hear the reality of the struggles but knowing these women have hope for their future because they have been taught self-worth and given a chance through this foundation is heartwarming.(Amy)


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