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As important as your prayers, encouragement and financial giving are, giving of yourself is also a great blessing! We invite you to come and visit us!

We have personally experienced the value of cross-cultural humanitarian trips and how it positively affects the people being served, as well as the people who come to serve. We are living proof of this life-changing experience, and we have seen the changes in the volunteers who have visited us. When we are stretched beyond our personal comfort zone and minister to other people our life perspective changes and our vision grows. After all vision for the future is a blessing, without which the people perish!

We’d love for you to experience keeping this vision alive and share with you the opportunity to come together as volunteers and help with various projects.

Whether you are a church, community or school group, friends or family, we are happy to accommodate those who are interested in getting involved in a life-changing experience, whether it’s rolling up your sleeves and assisting with improvement projects, teaching English, or offering your skillset to host training workshops or conferences.

For individuals and small groups, we can also host a customized Northern Thailand tour experience.

Some typical experiences and activities may include:


  • Work projects and Vocational Training Programs – hands-on projects, whether it is structural improvements, renovations or cleaning and painting or vocational training workshops where you can share your expertise.
  • ESL Programs-there are a variety of opportunities for native English Speakers to teach English 
  • Ministry and mentoring programs – from -just spending time with the youth, anything from singing songs, telling stories, playing games, practicing English, doing arts and crafts to- life-skills and Christian training programs and conferences
  • Worship Participation – If you choose to, you can attend church, a worship service, or Bible Study alongside our team and the youth we mentor, you’ll be amazed by the faith and the enthusiasm of these amazing youth.
  • Community improvement and outreach-visits to a village or school projects…..and add in some cultural fun such as…
  • Shopping – You can visit the Chiang Rai shopping areas like Central Plaza mall, Chiang Rai Night Bazaar and Saturday Night Walking Street Market, take a shopping trip to a Laos island market, or we can arrange for an opportunity to visit the local markets, all giving you the opportunity to enhance the local economy in a positive way.
  • Sightseeing or Cultural Tours – includes opportunities to experience some cultural things unique to the area like: Elephant Camp or Sanctuary experiences , Mae Sai and the Opium Museum, the Northern most tip of Thailand bordering Myanmar (Burma), the Golden Triangle, Coffee Farms and Tea plantations, remote Hill Tribe and Thai Villages
  • Remember …. All work and no play ….well that’s just not a complete cultural experience. With that in mind, we will do our best to help you explore all that the region has to offer.

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