Your donation 100 % supports the needs of the young people and the communities we work with, you play the key role in rescuing them from poverty and exploitation and empowering them for success. While our role is to serve in a “hands-on” capacity, your donation changes lives and shapes futures, empowering otherwise vulnerable youth. You make a lasting difference by donating today, because of your support precious young lives are transformed for the better. We direct 100 % of your valued donation directly to project needs. Thank you for your support, every penny makes a difference!

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  • $20.00 buys a  or motorcycle helmet for a young child or one month’s worth of personal care items
  • $30.00 buys one student a month of school lunches
  • $35.00 buys one student a month of transport to school
  • $52.00 buys one student a month of tuition
  • $120.00 buys one student tuition, food and transportation for a month

All donations of $20.00 or more will be receipted for income tax purposes according to the laws of Canada and the United States. 

US Donations accepted through Friends of the Great Commission: (click the World Wide Life Humanitarian link below)

World Wide Life Humanitarian

CANADA: Mail cheque: Payable to World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society: #7-1950 Braeview Place Kamloops BC V1S 1R8

Canadian Banks: Secure E-Transfer Funds:

PayPal quick link:PayPal.Me/Worldwidelife


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