Myanmar Relief

Friends, I am sure you all have heard of the situation in Myanmar. An illegal Military Coupe took place in February 2021.  Since that time so many innocents have been brutally murdered. We are so happy to let you know that through the efforts of our friends who have connections and ways of getting supplies across the Northern border into Myanmar, that we have successfully completed our 1st attempts to aid the refugees fleeing violence inside Myanmar. The fighting is heavy in Chin State and many are fleeing to a church, several hours inside Myanmar from our borders, to Shan state for refuge, so far more than 30 have arrived and more are on their way to this area to find safety. We are pleased to have provided several suitcases of clothing, and 60 tins of canned fish for the refugees. I think these few pictures speak for themselves. We are thankful that the supplies reached those in need, and we will continue to do whatever we are able, whenever we are able, to help these victims of such extreme evil attacks being perpetrated by the illegal military regime.