Wow! another month has flown by!

Thanks again to all of you who so faithfully support us and our vision to help these girls and the Hill Tribe people of Northern Thailand, you truly are making a difference and we are so blessed that you have the heart to help us.  We can never say thank you enough and you will never know how important your contribution is. Bless you, for your giving.

Well, it is still the rainy season in Thailand, and this August we sure had our share. Brian’s attempts to keep the lawn cut this time of year are almost futile, as it keeps raining hard a growing fast. We are so looking forward to the upcoming sunny and dry cold season. To our Canadian friends, it’s not really cold, but for the Thai people, even though much of cold season is like Canadian summer during the day the overnight temperatures here in the North can get pretty cool late nights and early mornings. Trust me, at between 6 C and 11 C with no insulation and no heat, you need your flannel PJs and sweaters. The locals pull out their winter parkas scarves and gloves. See, I wasn’t so crazy bringing some of my warm stuff here from Canada. Hopefully this Christmas we will be able to distribute warm hats, mitts,blankets and scarves once again.

Our girls are doing great. Puiy and Thip, just finished a semester at Chiang Rai Vocational College, Thip, her Grade 12 Internship and Puiy her first semester of college. They are on term break from Sep. 8 to Oct. 8. This first term started May 7 and they will finish the school year about mid-February 2019.  We don’t have all their grades yet for this term but know that Puiy once again aced English with the highest score of 4. Their grades are always good, so we have no doubt they will get great report cards once again. They have so much fun playing the English game Word Up on our English game nights. They love it when I help them out just a bit and they beat Brian. Brian makes it so much fun for them, with his “put on” competitive attitude and we pretty much just laugh the whole time. May is doing awesome as well, and she just won a singing competition in Mae Sai, part of her music program at school. She is amazingly talented at singing and playing Thai traditional instruments. We are so happy we could take her in so she could finish school, she is too talented and smart not to. May’s school break isn’t until the first week of Oct, so God willing and finances available, we would like to take the girls on a fun family getaway to Chiang Mai before they all have to go back to school. August 12th, was Mothers Day in Thailand, and well, all I can say, is the kindness, gifts, and love from my girls brought tears to my eyes. They spoiled me with gifts and best of all spending time with me. It was a perfect Mother’s Day. English Club at Abundant Grace Church is still going gangbusters, we have so much fun, with all the students young and old, and we have seen some of our young students from the area, show up on Sunday’s at kids church. God is good. Pabongtaoganjan School, the school we have assisted for the last three years, finally got a new English teacher so we met with her this month, and returned to do another fun English Camp with “our kids” at the school on August 23rd. This school and these kids will always have a special place in our hearts, this is where we first met and taught May. On August 31st, Brian and I once again, helped with the annual COC House of Praise BBQ outreach in Chiang Mai, we always enjoy helping to prepare and cook the BBQ and have so much fun visiting with our COC and AGC family in Chiang Mai.

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