Week one!  Arrive Chiang Mai, Home to Mae Suai, Trip to Chiang Rai

Wow Friends

We have been in Thailand for one week now. It is 7 am Monday morning November 16 and Brian is off taking kids to school.

Kids are up at 530 am for breakfast and out the door for school by 7 am. It is funny how quickly you adapt as we are in bed early and up with the roosters crowing and kids getting ready.

We arrived in Chiang Mai at 1040 pm on November 7th and after one night in Chiang Mai headed to Mae Suai. We stayed the 1st few days at a spare room at the new training centre while we cleaned and furnished our accommodation, at Hope Kids Home, which included a day trip to Chiang Rai for supplies,and we moved into the house on Friday. Thanks to Bible Truth Church we purchased a motorbike on Wednesday. We started English lessons with the kids on Saturday and worshiped at Sunday church for the kids at the Buddhist School. This is a great outreach to the kids that live at the Buddhist Boarding School.

There are definitely some cultural differences to adjust to, but so far we are doing OK we are sure in time it will all come together.

Sundy at Buddhist School   Worship    Brian kids

.English Lesson    Kids pic Pillars of World Wide Life


Stayed Tuned ….. Brian and Karen