September and October 2018

Hi Friends,

We  apologize that we are late with our update this time around, we had to deal with some technical issues with the blog page on our website. Looks like we are up and running again, so here’s what we’ve been up to in a nutshell. Check out our facebook page for weekly updates as well. Our two oldest girls, Puiy and Thip, who attend Chiang Rai Vocational College had a term break from September 8th to October 8th. May, however, had a term break from Oct 1st to 21st. Unlike larger care homes, our girls return to their remote mountain home villages (or a relative’s village) for short visits of maximum one week per visit ,during school breaks. This policy is for the protection of our teenage girls, as suggested by foundation guidelines, as there are proven higher risks of things going wrong with longer stays away from the family unit. We did some more baking lessons with the girls during school break and of course, continued our Tuesday and Thursday English Game night and Wednesday night Bible Study at Abundant Grace Church. We also continued our English Club activities except for a 2 class break during the school break as many of our Saturday students are away during this time. On September 17th we went with Puiy to her home village, very remote in the mountains, and due to a washed out bridge had to hike in the last 30 minutes. For our friends in the western world, the poverty and primitive condition of her village would be shocking to your 21st-century senses. The majority of the buildings are grass and bamboo huts and there is absolutely no electricity in the village, cooking is still done over a fire pit inside the hut. On October 2nd, just before their school break started we visited Pabongtaoganjan School in Mae Suai, taking treats for the students and playing some English games with them, the girls came along to help us, as they do when they are on school break and May really enjoyed visiting with her old teachers and friends. The highlight of school break,thanks to some special extra funds donated, was the road trip to Chiang Mai and visit to Grand Canyon Waterpark. The girls did two rounds on the zip line and stayed and played in the water all day long. On October 12th we resumed, joined by our Thai friends from Abundant Grace Church, our bi-weekly prayer ministry at Overbrook Hospital in Chiang Rai, On October 13th we celebrated Thip’s 18th Birthday, her special request for dinner was Penang Gai (Chicken with Penang Curry) made by Chef Brian, followed by a delicious cake from Grace Bakery Chiang Rai. Thip went clothes shopping with her birthday money, and impressively saved some for her bank account too. So Proud of her. Our girls knew nothing about banking, saving money, or many other life-skills when they came to us and they have all come so far. We are very blessed to be given these girls to care for. The later part of October has proved rather tough financially, thanks to some very unexpected household and vehicle repairs, a broken fridge, extra Visa renewal costs due to some government changes and the lowering value of the Canadian dollar exchange rate against the Thai Baht. Once again we want say a BIG THANK YOU! to all of those that value the work we are doing and have been loyal supporting us in prayer and finances. Stay tuned to our Facebook page @WWLHP, our  YouTube Channel at WWLHPS for regular updates and videos.