Hi Friends,

We hope everyone’s 2019 is going great. We have been off to a busy start. Firstly, for all those who donated to World Wide Life between July and December 2018, your tax receipts are on the way to you via email. Your documents will be password protected for security purposes. Our most exciting news to share, and of interest to all of our American friends, is that we can now officially offer tax receipts to American donors Check out the What Can You Do? tab on our website for the link to our Friends of the Great Commission Project Donation page. We have signed a grant agreement with Friends of the Great Commission, a 501c3 registered charity, who will be our US arm for donations and receipting. We are so grateful for this connection. We want to apologize that a weekly newsletter has not been sent out recently, unfortunately, our email program for sending bulk mail is malfunctioning again and it may take some time to get it sorted out. So in the meantime here’s your update as to what’s been happening here and some of our upcoming needs.

Our beautiful Thip will graduate from Grade 12 level at Chiang Rai Vocational College on March 11th. We are so proud of how far she has come since entering our care. Unfortunately and quite understandably, Thip’s previous sponsors have not been able to continue to fully support her needs. We need to pay the balance of her initial college tuition before the end of March, $300.00, as she enters year one of College at Chiang Rai Vocational College in May. Stand with us in believing for a regular sponsor or joint sponsors (group) to come on board to help support her ongoing education and personal needs.

As many of you know, we have worked hard to help the Hill Tribe boarding school wherever we have been able to meet a need, especially as it pertains to education and sustainability. All it would take is to raise $150 dollars in the next couple of weeks to fulfil our annual English Scholarship program once again ($110) and buy five hens ($40) for the school so they can continue to produce eggs for the children’s meals. Hopefully, we can continue to grow this program so that the school has enough eggs to sell extras so money can be put back into supporting the needs of the children. One hen produces one egg a day, so we would like to purchase five to start as right now the hens they had are no longer producing eggs. The more hens, the more eggs, the more food and revenue to support the 100 children living there.

Thank you to all of you who continually pray for us, keep in touch with us, encourage us, and financially support us. You are an amazing blessing and you are the reason we have been able to do as much as we have these last few years. We are so grateful for you.  If any of you is moved in your heart to help us with these ongoing or immediate needs, thank you so much, or if you know someone who you think may be interested in supporting these immediate needs, please share this update with them.