Rotary Club of Salmon Arm

Thank you Rotary Club of Salmon Arm, Salmon Arm British Columbia for your generous partnership with World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society to support the education of vulnerable Hill Tribe youth.

Salmon Arm Rotary Club was established in 1946, and they sponsored both the Shuswap and Daybreak clubs in Salmon Arm. This club has a history of supporting education initiatives and have contributed over 10,000 annually in scholarships and bursaries to secondary schools and Okanagan College. Their heart to help youth also includes hosting youth exchange students from around the world, building playgrounds and parks in Salmon Arm and supporting playing fields and Cross Country skiing Chalet. We are so grateful that they have extended that support to help combat extreme poverty and human trafficking in Thailand by helping at-risk youth further their education. Thank you for making every child matter and empowering them through education.

  • the average Hill Tribe family makes less than $500 per year and struggles to provide food, medical care and education for their children, an average Hill tribe person makes 12 times less per day than an average Thai person.
  • many Hill Tribe members, refugees, and migrants are undocumented and have no legal status
  • many are taken advantage of by human traffickers who force them into prostitution or slave labour
  • 1 in every 3 sex workers in Chiang Mai comes from a hill tribe family
  • Thailands Health System Research Institute estimates that child prostitutes make up 40% of the prostitutes in Thailand
  • 11% started working in the commercial sex trade before the age of 16 and large numbers are under 18 years of age
  • 80% of women working in the sex trade are from rural areas
  • 87% have completed less than seven grades at school
  • 35% cannot read or write

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