Thank you!

To all who have helped us get this far by blessing us with finances, gifts, prayer and emotional support! We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We could not do any of this without you and are so thankful for you!


Well friends, we feel like we are just getting started and there is so much more we want to do to help the poor and at risk children of this area.

We can not do it all alone, we need your financial support to keep moving forward. Here are some of our ongoing initiatives and future projects.

We want to continue our weekly meal program for Hope Kids Home, this provides an extra special nutritious meal once per week for the 22 children here at a cost of approximately $40.00 per week.

We have started a repainting project at Hope Kids Home and would like it to continue until the home is completely repainted. So far we have repainted the outside fence and the dorm rooms and bathrooms. We are starting next week on the cleaning and repainting of the kitchen and dining hall. We would like to raise enough money to repaint the entire outside of  the building area.We estimate the cost to be between $500- $600.00 to finish the entire project.


We have started an outreach with the local Akha Boarding School assisting with the English Program. There are 162 Children attending this school, and only about 20 do not live on site at the school. The children are very poor from Hill Tribe villages and would likely not get an education if not living here.The school has limited resources and our hearts desire would be to help them in as many areas as possible, including any improvement projects and educational or vocational sponsorships for graduating students here to move on. It is currently school break but once school resumes in May we will have a better idea of the costs involved with some of these initiatives.


If any of you have a heart to help us help those in need please let us know.

To donate funds go to :