We call out for your help ..$3000 CAD will complete initial house set up!

Hi Friends

It’s a wonderful life…. we are so excited about the 1st phase of our new project in Chiang Rai, Thailand. LifeLine Youth Development Centre. We have secured a great central location in Chiang Rai and are ready to begin phase one of this project and we need your help. We take possession of the house on April 1, 2017, and the next step is to finish furnishing the house so that we are ready to go….accepting “highly at risk” teenage girls into the home.

This is all about helping teenage girls at “high risk” of falling through the cracks once again and ending up back in a life cycle of extreme poverty, being married off at 15, however into a life of hardship, and or at high risk of sexual and physical abuse, and or sent to work in the sex trade.This home in Chiang Rai will be a safe haven for “at risk”  girls ages 15 and older. At LifeLine Youth Development Centre we will ensure a safe, loving and comfortable living environment for these girls while they continue and complete their education, including support, vocational and entrepreneurial training and transition into the community and their chosen professions. We have seen first hand the amazing success of mentoring young people through these most vulnerable years. We, however, can not accept any residents into the home until it is completely furnished and set up for them, and now is the time friends to get ready.  We believe that with your help we can have this house up and running with our first residents by the start of the next school term in the middle of May. We are so thankful for those of you who have the heart to help, every little bit makes a difference and is a step toward changing a life and shaping a future for one of these young people. If you require a Canadian tax receipt, please send us a private message to find out the donation process.

Set up Costs Life Line Centre for Youth