Family Care

Providing a nurturing family atmosphere for vulnerable girls is the passion of our hearts and the dedication of our lives. That’s why we adopt Hill tribe girls into our home in Chiang Rai. These girls are at extreme risk of falling through the cracks back into a life of extreme poverty or being exposed to sexual exploitation. The girls who join our family have suffered varying degrees of emotional or physical abuse, are from extremely remote villages with no access to resources or opportunities for education and have either been orphaned or abandoned. These beautiful girls haven’t been raised in a family environment prior to being adopted into our home. We believe that a nurturing family home provides the best opportunity to mentor these teenage girls into adulthood. A positive trend is developing in this direction based on research done by children’s rights organizations. Unlike institutional care facilities, and like a family, we remain in a relationship with and continue to mentor our adult daughters after they leave home. #wearefamily

HOW YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  you provide a safe, positive, and nurturing family environment that includes full personal care and ongoing educational opportunities for these beautiful young girls, who because of your support are able to see their dreams and visions become a reality.

Education Projects 

In late 2015 we adopted Pabongtaoganjan School in Mae Suai and in late 2016 Parmiengmaeprig School high in the Mae Phrik mountains, both are primary education schools in remote areas that lack funding and resources. Parmiengmeprig school got electricity in 2017. Through the years we have assisted with many programs at these schools, including self-sustaining projects. #everychildmatters

HOW YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE:   you provide ESL programs, English Camps, food, supplies, care items, special events, and repair, painting, and ongoing sustainability projects, such as growing fruit and vegetables and raising hens for eggs, providing the schools with food and income by selling what they grow in the surrounding villages.

Education sponsorships: We have the heart to help as many Hill Tribe youth as possible get a higher education, considering that a high percentage never get more than primary school education, and so many are at risk of exploitation due to poverty and lack of education. #educationempowers

HOW YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE: you provide ESL Language school sponsorships and secondary education sponsorships and scholarships.

Community Outreach Projects

We actively share our faith through various community outreach and discipleship programs, including English Camps and ESL programs. We partner with hospitals, churches, and other organizations to supply the needs of the community including care for the homeless and the impoverished both locally and in remote areas. #globalcommunity

HOW YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  you provide personal care items, clothing, food, and supplies to the homeless and to the impoverished, ESL Programs, care, and outreach programs to the local community.





 Victory English Centre Chiang Rai

The projected opening of Victory English Centre Chiang Rai is mid to late 2022. Victory English Centre will serve as a self-sustaining ESL Centre, that will serve as a base for and assist in funding further outreaches to the local community enabling our mission to reach larger numbers of Hill Tribe Youth. Stayed tuned…..



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