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Here’s what we’ve been up to this September:

Brian finished teaching his class at the CRC campus and Karen started a new Term at the AUA campus on Sept 4th. Karen will have a break until the New Year from the CRC campus but will continue teaching at AUA until Christmas break. Brian and Karen spent a lot of time this month on paperwork, preparation, and meetings about various things regarding World Wide Life operations, including the girl’s education and legal status in Thailand. As is the case every month the majority of our evenings are filled with practicing English, doing Bible studies, and helping the girls with homework. Friday nights are free time for the girls which always means Movie night, watching movies in English of course. We also had our special monthly games tournament for prizes in the middle of September. The girls are enjoying this so much, they have started giving prizes to us too.

On Sept 10th Brian and Karen attended a Parent Orientation evening at CRCA. This is a great event for parents of new students in their first years of study at the school. The A.C.E. program is well explained and success documented and the parents get a taste of doing an A.C E. PACE book for themselves so they understand the system their kids are working with on a daily basis. The A.C.E. program schools around the world have regional and international conferences where students can meet each other and compete in different areas based on their giftings. Now of course this year the conferences will be virtual. Olivia has been selected to enter the Art competition, all 4 girls have been selected to enter two singing competitions one as a foursome and another as part of a larger group. They worship together often as a team at both the school and at church.

The girls enjoy this new school so much, that on September 24th which was a public holiday they went to school on a day when they didn’t have to. YUP! That’s not an error. They went to school one afternoon, on a public holiday because Olivia wanted to go in and work on her art project and the others decided they wanted to go with her and hang out at school. I liked school but I don’t ever recall wanting to go to school when I didn’t have to. What a testament to the staff at CRCA that have welcomed them and taken care of them. Just before we were supposed to go pick them up the director texted us saying that they asked him if they could stay another hour.  WOW!

We had the pleasure of a visit with our friend Mike when he came over for dinner as well this month, Mike is a great young Akha chap, who is so very helpful to us with translations, especially from the Akha Language to English, and is a wonderful help to us regarding many things about Hill Tribe culture.

It is hard to believe that we’ve been back in Thailand for over a year already. Time certainly isn’t standing still. September 18th marked the one-year anniversary of our return to Thailand after our extended visit to Canada last year. We also enjoyed some wonderful fellowship with our peeps from Victory Church Mae Sai, celebrating our friend’s birthday at a great local Indian Restaurant in Chiang Rai, while the girls had friends from church over for a movie, games, and snack night. Then on Sunday night of the same weekend, Brian cooked a great BBQ for church dinner and the girls once again did an amazing job leading worship that evening.

Wow! September flew by so quickly and fall now approaches back home in Canada and we start to look forward to a cooler season here in the next couple of months as well. Please continue in prayer for this mission and all the future plans to expand our outreach in the Hill Tribe Community. We are truly grateful for all of you who have stood by us through it all and continue to support us in every way. As always there is no Thank you big enough, but we will say it again from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for inspiring and nurturing the human spirit one child, one village, and one community at a time.


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