Here’s what we’ve been up to in October:

  • On October 9th the girls went to Mae Sai and had a sleepover party with their good friends from Church. The house was so quiet on Saturday night it was eerie.
  • Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated here in Thailand, we enjoyed a great Church Service and Thanksgiving meal at Church on Sunday the 10th of October, Pumpkin Pie included, and had a lovely family Thanksgiving dinner at home on Monday evening as well. Sadly in Thailand, Turkey is rare and much too expensive so we have to substitute chicken, which is plentiful and inexpensive. The girls enjoy taking part in these Canadian traditions.
  •  October 13th was Thip’s 21st Birthday, she is at Bible College in Chiang Mai and it was the first time in 5 years we hadn’t celebrated as a family.
  • October 14th however was Birthday Party central at our house as Bubo celebrated her 15th Birthday. As Brian does for each girl, he cooked the dinner of her choice, which was Khao Soi Gai ( Northern Thai Curry noodle soup with Chicken basically) and she got the cake of her choosing, Coconut Cake. Another birthday tradition is a wall-size poster card with a personal note from each family member to the special birthday girl. Of course, the wall is decorated as well with a banner and balloons.
  • The girls are still doing so well at school and love the atmosphere there. When they finish their set goal work each day for their academic paces, the girls participate in different activities, the school staff always encourages them in their giftings. They are all musical and participate on the school worship team, so they practice different instruments, Olivia is an artist so paints regularly. They also play Volleyball often.
  • The CRCA quarter two school break was October 22nd to 29th and the girls had a fun week off. They are teenagers so of course part of the fun was sleeping later in the mornings, and staying up later each night watching movies. They watch movies in English only. Some other fun break activities included attending a big birthday party for a friend from school, so they got to hang out on a Sat afternoon just eating and having fun with friends. They baked Rice Krispie Squares a few times, and between them have no problem eating a whole tray. We took them out to Novoland Waterpark for a swimming day and invited a friend from school along. We also took them to Singha Park so they could go bike riding around the trails and took them to their favourite Thai restaurant for a big family dinner. They also had a special shopping trip to the Sunday market they enjoy in Mae Sai before church on the 24th of October.
  • The greatest news for this month was our two younger girls, Bubo and Grace, asking us to baptize them while we were at the water park. They chose that time and place in front of their friend and sisters to make their public faith declaration. We are proud of them. So, with Joy and Thanks, Brian and I baptized them in the pool with the witness of their friend and our other girls. We were so excited at that moment that we didn’t even get any photographs.
  • We lastly ask you to continue to pray for us, the ministry, and the vision for the future project to educate, mentor, and provide safe spaces for more Hill Tribe Youth. There may be some possible partnership doors opening and we ask that you pray for us to walk in wisdom and strength as we move into future planning.

Thank you once again to all of you who so faithfully stand by us year after year in support through prayer, encouragement, and financial blessings.