Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us, we continue to ask for your prayers for Myanmar and for wisdom, favour and resources as we continue the early discussion stages of our next project.

Here’s our May update! 

May has been a bit quieter here in Chiang Rai, much of that due to the Covid restrictions being in place most of the month. Schools were originally scheduled to open to start the new school year on May 17th 2021, however, that has been postponed twice and is now scheduled to start June 14th. That being said our girls break has been extended and we’ve been trying to spend as much family time together as possible while trying to beat the extreme heat, which is no easy task as we do not have air conditioning in the main living area of the house. Thankfully restaurants have been open and some pools at hotels remained open, so we were able to add a few more fun school break activities for the girls. We took them to a local favourite spot for a Khao Soi dinner and the big treat ( it only happens a couple of times a year) afterwards was Swensen’s for ice cream. We were also able to take them for another pool day to beat the heat at Novoland Waterpark, but because of restrictions and how quiet everything was, only the smaller part of the water park was open and the food venues at the waterpark weren’t open in May. Nonetheless, they had a great time as they always do when they get in the water. Karen celebrated her big 55th Birthday in May with a great day of relaxation with friends and a great evening of celebration with the girls. Karen’s friends gave her a great gift, a homemade “secret recipe” Lemon cheesecake to share with the family. The homemade gift and card from the girls turned on the waterworks of course. There is nothing sweeter than a homemade card and gift because you know it’s from the heart. The last couple of weeks of May Chiang Rai was downgraded to an orange zone and though many restrictions still apply, we were able to gather in person again and enjoyed returning to the fellowship at Victory Mae Sai. As May came to a close World Wide Life was able to donate clothing and food to the cause in Myanmar through a friend who has the connections and ability to get the supplies across the northern border at Mae Sai, we will continue to do all we can to support this effort moving forward.

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We are ramping up for a much busier and more open June here, so stay tuned for updates on our social media sites.

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