Here’s what’s been happening in March over here in Chiang Rai Thailand. Karen’s first group of students at Chiang Rai College finished their course on March 5th. Karen was wiping away some water when she saw the amazing messages of love her students had covered the whiteboard with. Karen had a much-needed break from teaching, March 6th to the14th, and then started her second group of students on March 15th, this group will not finish until later in April. Brian continued teaching until March 31st and is now on a break until May 17th. He has been asked to return to help with the P SEP program at Panyawat School, which is a bilingual school. He’s been asked to teach an English class, and a Math and Science class in English. We had a couple of big celebrations in March as two of our beautiful daughters had birthdays. Mercy turned 15 years old on March 6th, and Grace turned 13 years old on March 19th and was very excited that she and our dog Kihei had the same birthday and were both turning 13. Each girl gets to choose what they want for dinner and what kind of cake they would like, we decorate and have a family party, including a Yatzhee tournament with prizes of course. One of the Canadian traditions we shared with the girls a while back is the “birthday bumps” they have become very serious about making sure they give each other these “birthday bumps”. They never forget!!!

On March 14th our girls sang for the first time on the worship team at Victory Church Mae Sai, and they now are on the worship team rotation. This is a wonderful way for them to express their gifts. Thip plays the guitar and sings, Olivia plays the drum box and sings and Mercy, Bubo, and Grace sing vocals. They are great together. It is amazing because they did 3 songs completely in English and English is their 3rd language. They all speak their Hill Tribe Language, Thai and English. On March 15, we had another lovely visit with our daughter Rosie. She graduated from college last year, and lives and works in Chiang Rai and we are thankful we get to visit with her still. Olivia, Mercy, Bubo, and Grace who attend Sahasat School in Chiang Rai all finished their term on March 29th. Grace has completed Grade 6, so will move to Grade 7, the 1st year of high school here. Olivia, Mercy, and Bubo completed Grade 8,  so move on to Grade 9 next term. They are on school break until 17 May. In the Thai system, they choose after Grade 9 if they want to go to Vocational College or continue to Grade 12 and on to University. Vocational College consists of Grade 10,11, and 12 plus two to four years of college and they start training in your field in Grade 10, along with academic high school courses.

Brian and Karen were blessed to attend an Ignite the Nations Conference over Zoom on March 26th.

We have some prayer requests this month friends, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

  1. Please pray against the evil in Myanmar, the situation is horrific. We just heard another horrid story yesterday. Pray for us as we are seeking ways we can provide some aid either by getting items across the border or aiding any refugees if they flood across the Northern Borders of Thailand.
  2. Pray for the growth along with additional monthly support of this ministry to vulnerable Hill Tribe Children as we plan for expansion to aid and educate Hill Tribe youth.
  3. Pray for our very old vehicles to keep on running (they are over 20 years old) without additional expensive repairs or for the resources to purchase a new vehicle. We have been slammed with many extra repairs in the last few months. Sadly, newer vehicles, and by newer, I mean less used are very expensive in Thailand, about 3 or 4 times more than used vehicles in North America.

Finally, as always a BIG Thank you to our faithful supporters. Without your continued support, we just wouldn’t be seeing this vision in action. We are truly grateful for the difference you make in the lives of vulnerable youth!! Thank you for knowing that every child matters and that education empowers and Bless you for your faithfulness to this mission..