June Update!


First friends as we started off a new fiscal year for World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society on June 1st, we want to say thank you to all of you who have been continually supportive of this mission through the last year. We know it’s been a crazy time for many and we are truly grateful. June has been a bit quieter on the activity front, but much busier on the paperwork, meetings, fundraising, and year-end accounting front. The girls were supposed to start school in June, after a May start was postponed, but alas that didn’t happen thanks to the ever-changing Covid situation here. The school they have been attending is very large, about 2000 students, with 7 classes of about 40 kids each in one grade level. The sheer size of the school has hindered them from being able to reopen on time. Some other schools reopened in June, including the Nursing College that Karen teaches English at. Karen began teaching classes there on June 17th. Brian will be joining the team teaching at the college starting in July. We have continued teaching English to the girls at home throughout the extended school break.  There were a few baking lessons in June as well, no-bake cookies of different kinds, and banana chocolate chip muffins. The best news of June is that our girls were extremely blessed to be offered the opportunity to be tested for an entry new English Curriculum School in Chiang Rai. The school is an A.C.E. school operating for about one year in  Chiang Rai, but the curriculum has been taught around the world in schools and home school programs for many many years.  Through some queries and investigation, we discovered this has been a very successful style of learning for many. The best part is it is self-paced learning and the educational curriculum is a North American standard, which is much higher than the current standards of regular Thai schools, especially in the north. There are of course some great international Schools in Thailand but the costs of those schools would be triple to four times the cost of this type of school. The girls were nervous about testing but saw it as a door open to a better future, so after the girls tested they surprised themselves at how well they did, they requested the chance to observe the school in action for a day, after which they were convinced they wanted to learn in this smaller, more motivating, self-paced environment and asked when they could start. The Board of Directors of World Wide Life has one hundred percent supported this new opportunity for our four youngest girls, knowing it opens doors that can truly give them a better future, not to mention they will be completely trilingual ( Akha, Thai and English languages) by the time they graduate. That brings us to our BIGGEST THANK YOU to all of you who donated to our Canada helps giving campaign in June. Thank you for helping inspire hope for a better future for Hill Tribe youth.