Here’s what we were up to in July:

Let us start by saying to all our Canadian and American friends and supporters, we hope you had a Happy Canada Day! and Happy 4th of July!, We hope you all had fabulous celebrations with family and friends. We have a tradition of celebrating Canada Day with our girls every year as we want them to be thankful for all the amazing Canadians that help to support this Canadian-based ministry. They look forward to it every year and enjoy wearing their Canada T-Shirts and get excited about the Canada Day outing to Swensens for ice cream. Swensens Ice Cream Shop in Chiang Rai is always a special occasion outing and they get this treat only 2 to 3 times a year, Canada Day is always one of those times. We also had a great celebration for Canada Day and Independence Day at Victory Church Mae Sai, the girls sang worship, and Chef Brian barbequed North American style.

As we shared in our June Blog, our four youngest girls were accepted into an A.C.E. English Curriculum school here in Chiang Rai, a fabulous opportunity for higher education. They started on July 9th, and although this is much more challenging for them than a Thai school, and they have to work harder, they are embracing this new style of learning and are doing very well. They wrote some of their first tests in the latter part of July and got grades between 85% and 100%. this is so encouraging to them, especially since the subjects are in English, which is their third language. Karen started another onsite term teaching at AUA in addition to the offsite term she’s been teaching at CRC,(the nursing college in Chiang Rai), keeping her busy with preparation work plus teaching the three-hour-long ESL class twice per week. Brian starting teaching once per week at CRC as well in July. So between teaching the ESL courses, raising and teaching the girls, the goings back and forth with the school changeover requirements, the continued fiscal year-end reporting, and all the other little day-to-day nuggets of keeping a non-profit charity on track, July has kept us all on our toes so to speak.

Please continue to pray friends for the future vision to build up Hill Tribe youth and leaders and provide safe spaces for them to learn and explore their talents. We recently had a meeting with some Akha Church leaders that we hope will be a starting point for the growth of this vision. We appreciate your continued prayers for our mission and we thank each and every one of our supporters who encourage us through prayer and especially those who give financially. Thank you for believing with us that every child matters, education empowers, poverty sucks and that as a global community working together we can inspire and nurture the human spirit, one child, one village, and one community at a time.