January 2021

Happy 2021 Friends,

We want to express our deepest Thank you to all of the amazing supporters that have stood by us in 2020 and into 2021. It has been a different time, and we are very grateful for all God has been doing in our lives and hearts these last months. Many of you may know that we dealt with the challenges of being stranded in Canada away from our girls and mission in Thailand and with the illness and death of Karen’s Dad in 2020. Nothing is wasted though and the time in Canada, gave us precious time with Karen’s Dad before his passing, grew, strengthened, and birthed a greater appreciation for our purpose here in Thailand. So here’s what’s new: Our girls are awesome! They are doing great in school. The older girls are consistently getting top marks in English and overall GPA’s between 3.5 and 3.9, out of 4. The school term was altered due to Covid19 so their term re-started in July 2020 (rather than May) and school group activities were curtailed, they had a term break in November and a Christmas and New Year break for the younger 4 girls from Dec 24 to Jan 4 , the current school year will end in April 2021. We are thankful we were able to spend some precious family time together this holiday season. Thanks to an amazing Christmas Fundraising Campaign we blessed two remote schools this Christmas, with clothing, food, colouring and comic books and treats for 110 children. We also were able to provide much-needed food and cooking supplies to some locals who rely on revenue from the tourism industry, and have suffered from the months of tourist lockouts in Thailand. Thankfully, although Thailand is in an official second wave of Covid, we are not affected to badly here in Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai province is a yellow zone and being monitored with caution, but day to day life is pretty normal. Mask wearing is required in certain group settings and smaller groups can freely gather. The other normal cautions are in place. This really is pretty much as it was before. Karen has returned to her ESL teaching job at AUA Language Centre and Brian has taken on teaching phonics to special needs children, one hour each weekday morning at a Bilingual school. Our community outreach is growing in different ways and 2021 promises to be the start of more great outreach to at-risk youth here in Northern Thailand. Thank you again for all of your prayers, encouragement and financial support, all we do is because of amazing supporters like you. Please stay tuned to our FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube sites for regular updates. To donate today: https://humanitarianpartnership.com/what-can-i-do/