Here’s what we were up to in August:

Well, August was a busy time for all of us here in Chiang Rai. It was a bittersweet month in that it was full of blessings and also a few strange happenings and some heartfelt grief. Karen was busy teaching  ESL classes at both CRC Nursing College and AUA campuses, while Brian was teaching a class at CRC as well. Karen’s CRC term ended in August, but her terms at AUA were ongoing through the month. Brian’s term at CRC continues into September.

The whole family along with some other great people were helping out in various ways at Victory Mae Sai Church in August too. The girls led worship a few times, Brian shared the Word on August 1st, not to mention all his help with cooking and food preparation and Karen shared the Word on August 8th and 15th as well. Our normally peaceful drives home from church were rather eventful two weeks in a row this month. One Sunday night we were the first to stop and call for help at a horrific accident scene on the outskirts of Chiang Rai. The week after that we got a flat tire driving back to Chiang Rai, and because no one would come out to help us at night, the police ended up coming to help Brian change the tire. So alas we had the added expense of new tires for the vehicle in August as well. Never a dull moment around these parts.

The girls had their 1st quarter break from CRCA in mid-August, which ended in a parent-teacher conference and progress review on the last day of the break.  We are thrilled to announce the overall excellent results of their first quarter at this new and challenging English school, they started the 1st quarter later than the other students and we are so pleased with their results. Bubo 98.67%,- 6 completed paces, Mercy 96.25%-6 completed paces, Olivia 92.21%-7 completed paces, and Grace 95.67%- 4 completed paces. During the one-week school break, we enjoyed family time together playing games, including our monthly Yatzhee tournament with prizes, practicing English grammar, visiting with friends and making Rice Krispie Squares- the newest favourite easy-to-make treat. The girls returned to school on August 20th to begin the 2nd quarter of their school year, and they continue to get excellent grades on their pace tests.

As some of you know we are working on plans for a new outreach program for Hill Tribe Children in the Chiang Rai area. It is a BIG vision, and it’s good that it’s BIG, because there are many Hill Tribe kids right outside our door.  We do ask for your prayers. Please pray that everything will come together as it’s meant to, especially in the area of finances, so that more and more young lives can be impacted with love, support, and educational opportunities.

The last few days of August were very surreal bringing a time of heartbreaking grief for Karen and Brian during the time they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Brian and Karen celebrated 32 years of marriage on the 26th of  August and as they woke up to the 26th in Thailand, they received tragic news from Canada. Heidi, their friend, supporter, encourager, and a member of the Board of Directors of World Wide Life had been killed in a workplace accident.

August was indeed a month of blessings compiled with grief and once again it has been a sober reminder to be ever so grateful for our lives and mission. We are eternally grateful for all that we have and all the time we’ve been granted on this earth to do what we’ve been called to do. We can never be thankful enough for all of you who love us, support us in finances, encouragement, and prayer on a regular basis. You are the heroes who change lives and shape futures, one dollar and one prayer at a time. Thank you all for your love and support!!

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