First for those of you who prayerfully support our mission we have a couple of prayer requests to share, then read on for our update.

  1. Please continue to pray for the situation in Myanmar that the evil will be put down.
  2. Please continue to pray for the Covid situation in Thailand.
  3. Please pray for favour, resources, wisdom, and support as we embark on the very early stages of discussion and planning for a new long-term project involving the teaching and training of Hill Tribe youth.

Here’s our April news from Chiang Rai. The best news of April is our girl’s grades were posted and they all did an amazing job this last school year. We are so very proud of each and every one of them. Grace ended grade 6 with a 3.66 GPA, Olivia, Bubo and Mercy finished grade 8 each with a 4 GPA, and Thip graduated college with an overall 3.71GPA.  Then we started off the month here with another Birthday party. Olivia turned 17 years old, though according to her ID she is two years younger. This isn’t uncommon with Hill Tribe kids that are born outside of Thailand in Myanmar and have their pink ID issued later. The pink ID does not deem them Thai,  and is not a Thai National ID, but allows them to live and study in Thailand. We had a lovely party with Olivia’s favourite foods and another Yathzee Tournament. Yathzee is becoming a family favourite this year. April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand and is summer break time from school, so a swimming day at a local Waterpark called Novoland was a school break must. Our trip to Novoland in early April turned out to be a lovely surprise as the teachers and grade six students from Pabongtaoganjan School in Mae Suai were there for their year-end/graduation activity. Those of you who have been following us since the beginning know this school was one of our first projects here and we taught English there for over a year as well. To see some of our students and our teacher friends was lovely. Our girls had an amazing day at the Waterpark as well and kept us going as we had to try out some of the big slides with them. On April 9th, Thip graduated from Chiang Rai Vocational College and we had a graduation celebration on the 10th, which included her favourite western food Spaghetti (the way Brian makes it) and ice cream, and family games as well. Songkran which is Thai New Year, from 13-15 April was low key this year as Covid started to resurface in larger numbers in the south. The Thai Government however didn’t lockdown domestic travel and hence a new wave started. At first mostly in the south, it is reported by a local newspaper, that the Thai high society elite visited high-end brothels and went to many parties and travelled and boom we have Covid again. Covid was virtually gone prior to Songkran Holiday time, especially here in the North. The new wave had reached the north before the end of April, so Karen did not go back to finish teaching on April 19th as planned as the school was closed. All night entertainment, bars, nightclubs, and those places some go for certain” leisure activities” were shut down and the sale of alcohol in restaurants prohibited. Chiang Rai went from a green zone to orange and soft red in a matter of a couple of weeks. This means restaurants are open until 9 pm for dine-in and 11 pm for take-out and delivery with no alcohol sales allowed and shops and markets can be open with restrictions in place, including closing no later than 9 pm, however, shops can still sell alcohol. This is to avoid late-night gatherings and partying in public which is common in Thai culture. We are all healthy and safe here, but when school will resume for the girls or for Karen and Brian teaching is still uncertain!! Keep tuned into our blogs and Social Media sites for updates.

Finally, before we sign off Thank you again, to all of our amazing faithful supporters, who continually stand by us through encouragement, financial support, and prayer. There is no World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society without you and there are no lives impacted without you, so Thank you again and again and again for your support.