♥ LifeLine Youth Development Centre – Chiang Rai- Thailand 

               Long Term Project Foster Care, Education, and Training

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Thank you to all of you who so generously donated to the first phase of this amazing project A foster care project that saves teenage girls from the vulnerability of falling through the cracks, at best, being married off into a life of hardship and extreme poverty or much worse, being sexually exploited. Through our activities in rural Thailand, we have encountered so much potential in young people and we know we have to do our part to prevent this from happening to them.We foster girls starting at age 15, who do not have the resources available to continue their education. Chiang Rai city offers many continuing education options, such as High Schools, Vocational Schools, and Universities, most of these options are not available in rural northern villages. We currently house three beautiful students, Puiy,18, Eve, 17 and Thip, 16.  Puiy and Thip were raised from about 6 years of age in Children’s homes, that recently shut down and left them high and dry with no support. We jumped through some hoops and got Puiy back to Chaing Rai from her village and enrolled back in school . Eve was abandoned at age 3 by her Mother and her Thai aunt and Swiss uncle raised her until they were tragically killed in an accident. Thip believed that her best option for survival was to head to a relatives village and marry herself off at 16 years old, she cried tears of joy when she realized we would help her. In May of 2018, for the start of the new school year, we will be taking our fourth girl Mae into foster care, She will be ready to leave the rural boarding school in Mae Suai and attend high school in Chiang Rai.Thank you for making it possible for us to help these young ladies.

When we launch phase two, open to all youth, we hope to fill a huge demand here to assist with ongoing training for young people in order to prepare them to branch out on their own and contribute successfully to their communities. This phase will focus on Vocational and Entrepreneurial Training. Our vocational training goal is to start by offering basic business courses including business English, Cooking, Hair Stylist and Electrical training programs. We believe learning how to successfully apply the skills and values that these youth learn, to operating, managing, a business, or contributing to, their chosen profession will set them on a positive path for a successful future. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving Christian environment where these young people can learn and flourish, so they are well equipped to set out on their own. Stayed tuned to our Facebook page for updates.

♥ COC/Haven Foundation Thailand- Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai-Thailand COC House of Praise – Chiang Rai- Thailand                           http://www.thehavenproject

Long-Term Strategic Partnership

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We are partner members of the Haven Foundation Thailand, this strategic partnership is the only avenue for independent organizations like World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society, to legally operate our own benevolent projects in Thailand. As an independent Canadian non-profit society, we are completely responsible for all of our own fundraising and operational choices in regards to the projects and charitable activities we choose to undertake. Our membership with Haven Foundation is the only economically viable option allowing us to do this work inThailand, as such projects and activities are only considered legal if full-time volunteers are registered under the umbrella of a Thai foundation.The Haven Foundation provides legal and ministry support to independent organizations operating projects in Thailand, in addition to operating their own projects. If not for our affiliation with Haven Foundation, we would not be issued Volunteer Work Permits, or have the permission to renew our visa applications over a long term, essentially, we would not be able to stay in the country and carry out our charitable work in Northern Thailand. They provide all legal assistance and expertise with government regulations and registrations required to operate our projects in Thailand. Through our membership, we have access to COC/Haven Foundations 22 years of experience dealing with the Thai Government, their knowledge of frequently changing government policies toward charitable works, and expert legal advice as to how those changes impact our projects. COC/Haven Foundation assists about 300 independent Visa holders doing charitable projects and activities in Thailand.

Brian and Karen are also very excited to be ministry team advisors for COC House of Praise Church in Chiang Rai. As members of the team here we offer English outreach programs from the COC/Haven Chiang Rai office and assist coordinating other outreach programs. COC Thailand is a member of INC, International Network of Churches, formerly COC International. Stayed tuned to our Facebook page to learn more about our ongoing outreach.

♥ Ban Pabongtaoganjan School – Mae Suai -Thailand     

          Living Condition Improvements, English Camps, and Education Scholarships

Ban Pabongtaoganjan School is a boarding School that houses children from remote Akha and Lahu Hill Tribe Villages, many who would not have access to Education if not living and studying here. We volunteered here from February 2016 to March 2017, assisting the teachers with English and Math programs. On March 10, 2017, we presented our first annual Best Overall Student Scholarship Awards. One student from Classes Kindergarten through Class Six, received a cash award, based on best overall performance in all subjects. We are committed to assisting this school to improve living conditions for the children housed here, it is heart -breaking to see the extent of the need here. In 2016 and 2017, we recovered the tables in the school cafeteria, we provided care packages, of shampoo, laundry soap, toothpaste, two pairs of socks for all 160 students. We also hosted a Christmas party, providing a school Christmas tree, three badminton sets, warm hats for every student, ice cream, games, sports, and prizes. We renovated one of the boy’s  bathrooms, providing new outside cement wall, new tiles, and a new paint. Wow, the difference is like night and day. We also plan to construct new wardrobes for all the dormitories. We are thankful for the support we received to make this possible, but friends this is just the beginning there is so much more to do here. The school is in need of a complete makeover from bathroom facility repair to intense cleaning, tiling of one of the dormitory floors and the cafeteria floor, new wardrobe lockers in all the dormitories, and the entire area needs to be repainted. Our long term goal is to face-lift this school and support a maintenance program here. This dream of better living conditions for these “at-risk” kids can be realized with your help. Thank you and stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details.


♥ Origin Coffee Bean Farm and Roasting House Restaurant – Mae Phrik- Thailand (Short Term Project )

This business is a family run Coffee Farm, Roasting House, and Restaurant, in the rural area of Mae Phrik. The family also owns a coffee factory.We have assisted the owners of the business with expansion into a signature menu, marketing to tourists, brainstormed ideas with them about developing a tea growing processing operation and homestay program to boost the economic growth of a rural Thai village. We have also provided customer service and business English training for their staff.

       ♥ Give Kids Hope Thailand- Mae Suai -Thailand  

Partners & Projects GKH 1

From November of 2015 to July of 2016, we came along side to assist Give Kids Hope Thailand and volunteer at their Children’s Homes. During that time through God’s leading, and with the resources available to us: time, plenty of love and a little bit of money, we gave our efforts to blessing all the children at Give Kids Hope, helping them with homework, teaching them English, cooking, baking, crafts and much more, playing games and sports with them, taking them on day trips,caring for the children in the staff’s absence,supplying extra food and vitamins and various treats to the children and completing hands-on projects to benefit Hope Kids Home, such as painting and cleaning and recovering furniture. We thank the Darby’s for blessing us with the opportunity to plant our feet in Thailand and work with the staff at GKH, enabling us to hear and see clearly our future vision to help the Hill Tribe peoples of Thailand. As our ministry grows and our focus changes, we will always love, be thankful and wish the best for the Darby’s, all the children and the entire staff at GKH.  Thank you, Stephen Darby, for your kinds words below:

Yesterday at 8:06pm · Stephen & Sammy Darby, co-founders of Give Kids Hope Thailand wish to acknowledge and thank Brian & Karen Shaben for their wonderful work as volunteers with us at Give Kids Hope for the past 8 months. They have loved on the children, taught them English, played games, given them treats, taken them on trips, taken them out for lunch and ice-cream and so much more. They have funded and worked on projects to help us and the children. Brian & Karen have been a blessing to us in so many ways. As they move on into the own ministry here in Thailand, we once again thank them for everything they have done for us and the children. We pray that they prosper in all things because we love and honor them always! You can follow them at…/… or on their website: Bless em BIGGER! Stephen & Sammy Darby. Give Kids Hope.Partners & Projects GKH 3

World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society



♥ Center of Peace Orphanage – in Cambodia (   The Center of Peace Orphanage is a Non-Profit, Christian organization that provides love, education, spiritual nurture, and a safe place for children at imminent risk of domestic abuse. We have worked with this organization in the past and are hoping to travel again to Cambodia in the future to oversee any projects we may be able to assist with.


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