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This is a foster care project in Chiang Rai City, that saves teenage girls from the vulnerability of falling through the cracks, at best, being married off into a life of hardship and extreme poverty or much worse, being sexually exploited. We foster teenage girls, who do not have the resources to continue their education. Chiang Rai city offers many continuing education options, that are not available in rural northern villages. We currently house three beautiful students, Puiy,18, Eve, 17 and Thip, 17.  Puiy and Thip were raised in Children’s homes, that shut down and left them high and dry without support and believing their best option was to marry themselves off to survive. Eve was abandoned at age 3 by her Mother and raised by her Thai aunt and Swiss uncle, until they were tragically killed in an accident. Now, these girls dare to dream of owning businesses and travelling abroad. In spring of 2018, we will be taking our fourth girl into foster care. May age 16, will be ready to leave the rural boarding school in Mae Suai and attend high school in Chiang Rai. Our Training Centre is open to all youth, and we hope to help fill a huge demand here to assist with ongoing training for young people in order to prepare them to branch out on their own and contribute successfully to their communities. Our goal is to set them on a positive path for a successful future, and to provide a safe, loving Christian environment where these young people can learn and flourish.Stayed tuned to our social media sites for updates.



              Christian Outreach Centre/Haven Foundation Thailand

Partners & Projects-COC Haven 1

We are partner members of the Haven Foundation Thailand, this strategic partnership is the only avenue for independent Canadian Non-profit societies like World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society, to legally operate benevolent projects in Thailand, as  without the umbrella of a Thai foundation, our projects and activities would be considered illegal by the Thai government. COC/Haven Foundation provides expert legal advice and member services support to organizations operating projects in Thailand and they sponsor Work permits and Visas for over 300 independent organizations, like ours, conducting charitable activities in Thailand.Through our membership, we have access to COC/Haven Foundations 22 years of experience dealing with Thai Culture and Government regulations and restrictions.

M5M Foundation  

Here is M5M’s  mission and vision in a nutshell :Our mission is to combat the effects of global malnutrition by providing food sourced supplements to children in need. Our vision is to see over five million children across the world embrace a greater quality of life, thriving, nourished and full of hope.

We are so thankful that our grant to provide nutritional supplements to ‘at risk” children has been approved. We have witnessed first hand the lack of nutritional value in meals provided by many Children’s homes and schools, most meals consist of rice and or noodles, there are little to no green vegetables, fruit or proteins in their diets. We believe we will see marked improvements in the health, energy levels and ability to concentrate, in the children we provide supplements to. M5M has donated a years supply of nutritional supplements to World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society. We will be able to improve nutrition for hundreds of Children thanks to M5M’s program to combat malnutrition. Stayed tuned to our social media sites for updates.




 Pabongtaoganjan School

 Pabongtaoganjan School is a rural boarding School that houses children from remote Akha and Lahu Hill Tribe Villages, many who would  otherwise not have access to education. We taught ESL and Math programs, English Camps, provide annual  educations scholarships. We have coordinated projects to improve living conditions for children housed here. Projects we have coordinated are: recovered the tables in the school cafeteria, provided care packages for over a hundred students,  a Christmas party, Christmas gifts, gifts to the school sports program, renovated outdoor bathroom facilities, constructed over a hundred new clothing wardrobes for the dormitories . The children here will also receive the PHYTOBLEND nutritional supplement sponsored by M5M.

  Parmiengmaeprig School

Parmeingmaeprig School is a small school high in the mountain region of Mae Phrik, Thailand, this school supports primary age children from three very small,remote villages that only got electricity in May 2017. We visit this school as often as possible, bringing hygiene supplies, food,small gifts, and doing English Camps. During raining season it is difficult to get up the mountain to this village school ,so we plan our visits around the local weather. Parmiengmaeprig school’s lunch program will also be recipients of M5M PHYTOBLEND nutritional supplement. Stayed tuned to our social media sites for updates.



Abundant Grace Church, COC Thai Church, Overbrook Hospital,

We practically share our Faith through church and prayer ministry, with COC Church (Thai), Abundant Grace Church (International) and Overbrook Hospital in Chiang Rai. We host and coordinate ESL programs, at these churches, as a  discipleship program for Christians,  and encourage students to invite others to join our classes. We regularly visit Overbrook Hospital to pray for and bring care packages to the patients, there are some Christian and Muslim patients at this hospital but the majority are Buddhist. Stayed tuned to our social media sites for updates.






 Origin Coffee Bean Farm and Roasting House Restaurant 

This business is a family run Coffee Farm, Roasting House, and Restaurant, in the rural area of Mae Phrik. The family also owns a coffee factory. We coordinated and hosted ESL and Cooking programs for the staff and offered  entrepreneurial consulting to the owners.

        Give Kids Hope Thailand

From November 2015 to July 2016, we came along side to assist Give Kids Hope Thailand and volunteered at their Children’s Homes and with the resources available to us: plenty of time, plenty of love and a little bit of money, we blessed the children of Give Kids Hope. How we helped:  through child care, ESL and vocational training programs, repair projects to the dormitory, kitchen area , and outside exterior of the original Children’s home.

Here’s a testimony of Thanks from Give Kids Hope: Yesterday at 8:06pm · Stephen & Sammy Darby, co-founders of Give Kids Hope Thailand wish to acknowledge and thank Brian & Karen Shaben for their wonderful work as volunteers with us at Give Kids Hope for the past 8 months. They have loved on the children, taught them English, played games, given them treats, taken them on trips, taken them out for lunch and ice-cream and so much more. They have funded and worked on projects to help us and the children. Brian & Karen have been a blessing to us in so many ways. As they move on into the own ministry here in Thailand, we once again thank them for everything they have done for us and the children. We pray that they prosper in all things because we love and honor them always! Bless em BIGGER! Stephen & Sammy Darby.

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  World Wide Life Humanitarian Partnership Society


 Center of Peace Orphanage – in Cambodia    The Center of Peace Orphanage is a Non-Profit, Christian organization that provides love, education, spiritual nurture, and a safe place for children at imminent risk of domestic abuse. We have worked with this organization in the past and hope that one day in the future we can  travel again to Cambodia to coordinate projects to help these “at risk” kids.


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